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Gail Selkirk - Songbird of Swing!

About Gail

Gail Selkirk has been designated by jazz drummer, Bert Hamer, as the Songbird of Swing. She is an exceptionally talented singer, pianist, composer and arranger. Gail's voice is lyrical, powerful and sensitive. Her original arrangements and intuitive sense of jazz harmony combine to produce a veritable feast for the ears and the mind.  
- Concert Notes, StringTech Concert Series No. 4

Thanks, Mike and Celia of StringTech!

Many musical hats...

Over the course of her career, Gail has taken on many diverse musical roles as a:
  • singer, pianist, arranger, composer, entertainer, piano teacher, musical director, choir director and church organist.

Right now, she is recording and producing a Jazz CD which is a huge and exciting project, as well as singing and playing the piano in jazz and classical concert venues.


As an artist, Gail has made it her life's work to continually strive for higher levels of artistic achievement. One of the ways she has pursued this is through an ever expanding musical education which helps to transform her musical ideas into a reality.


  • Gail started her musical career as a vocalist and keyboardist for the rock group Major Hoople's Boarding House, touring throughout Canada and the United States.
  • Other venues included engagements with show bands, piano bars and studio session work as an arranger, keyboardist and singer.
  • Some of the studio work she has had the privilege of participating in...
    • Kate Ashby-Craft's The Heart and the Mind (arranging, playing keyboard and some vocals)
    • Sara Jordan's Educational Tapes and CDs (rapping and singing on the Math 3R Rap ) as well a few other educational products
    • Ragtop Production documentary Swans On the Avon - composed and performed two musical tracks for this film
  • She has worked as the musical director for community theater productions including Jesus Christ Superstar.
  • She is the founder, director and arranger of the Amazing Grace Jazz Choir, an 8-voice ensemble performing gospel jazz. 
  • A piano teacher for 25 years, she co-authored and co-published, along with Janice Clark, a keyboard method for older beginners.
  • Gail has worked as a church musician since 1978 (organist, pianist, soloist).

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