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Gail Selkirk - Songbird of Swing!

Selected Recording Resources on the Internet:

  • Recording Technology History

    Steven E. Schoenherr's "Recording Technology History" page at the University of San Diego is a walk-through recording technology from Thomas Edison's days (1877) through to the present. 

  • The Evolution Of Recording

    The zzounds "Evolution Of Recording" page at the www.zzounds.com web site is another concise historical walk-through recording technology from Thomas Edison's days (1877) through to the present.   There are links to a number of other good resources on this page.

  • The Recording FAQ

    This site has a collection of FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) covering just about everything related to recording, mixing and production. This is one of the best on-line recording resources you will find!

  • rec.audio.pro

    The rec.audio.pro newsgroup is a very useful place to go to obtain the collective wisdom of a group of people who have a great deal of experience with recording, mixing and engineering.  The above link will allow you to search archived rec.audio.pro messages on google.com.  Although you can post messages to the newsgroup from the google site, using newsreader software for participating in the discussions is a lot more convenient.

  • SAE Institute Reference Page

    The School of Audio Engineering has placed a considerable amount of useful basic information on-line that deals with a wide variety of audio engineering subject areas.

  • The Project Studio Handbook

    The Project Studio Handbook has one of the most comprehensive list of recording article links we've seen on the 'net.

  • Rane Technical Library

    As well as product manuals, the Rane Professional Audio Technical Library web page contains many useful technical articles on a variety of topics (including ones on grounding, shielding and gain-staging which we found particularly useful) as download-able PDF files.

  • Bob Hodas' Acoustic Analysis Publications

    Bob Hodas is a well respected specialist in the area of acoustic room tuning . This web page provides a compilation of articles he has written on optimizing listening environments.

  • Bob Katz's Site - www.digido.com

    This web site contains links to a number of excellent articles on the art of recording and CD mastering.   You can also order Bob Katz's authoritative book  Mastering Audio,  the art and the science  here.   Mastering Audio is one of the best books on audio engineering that you'll find anywhere.

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