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A Short Version of The Stone Soup Story

The Stone Soup Story is told in many forms throughout the world. One version of the story tells of 3 soldiers who have been on the march for many days and have run out of food. As they enter a village, all the village residents shut their doors and windows as they approach - hoping that the soldiers will continue on their way without bothering them, for they haven't enough even for themselves. But the soldiers are tired and hungry. They set up camp by the edge of the village, start up a fire and set a large pot of water on the fire. As they don't have any food to place in the pot, they decide to put a stone in it. The villagers watch this and wonder amongst themselves. The pot comes to a boil and the three soldiers start loudly proclaiming how good it will taste. The curious (and hungry) villagers gather round and as they do, one of the soldiers exclaims that while it is a good soup, an onion would make it taste even better. It so happens that one of the villagers decides he can spare an onion and this gets added to the pot. A little time passes and again the soldier cooking the stew tastes it and exclaims that it is an almost perfect soup, but that a carrot would make it more perfect still. Luckily another villager happens to have some carrots and that gets added to the soup. On it goes and more is added until a wonderful soup is shared by all. The moral of the story is that with sharing we all benefit.

Some Other Stone Soup Stories:

Some Other Stone Soup Projects:

There are many projects that have adopted the Stone Soup mode of operating. A few of these project are:

There are a very large number of projects that draw their inspiration from the stone soup story. For example, entering the words "stone soup" into the www.google.com's Internet search page returned well over 100,000 links!

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