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picture of Balilli Island lead sheet

Balilli Island Typesetting - using LilyPond

LilyPond music engraving software was used to typeset the originally handwritten lead sheet for Balilli Island.   The typesetting process involves creating a text file that contains a description of the music (in a specialized format) and then processing that text file using the lilypond program.   If you are curious about what the typesetting instructions look like,  click here.   Keep in mind that unless you know a little about the LilyPond software and how it works, the typesetting instructions will probably look pretty strange.

LilyPond is very capable music engraving/typesetting software that produces beautifully engraved music.   It can be used for much more than typesetting lead sheets.   It can be used to produce almost any type of music - all the way up to full-blown orchestral scores.  

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