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Gail Selkirk - Songbird of Swing!

Almost Finished!

August 3rd 2005

"With time and patience the mulberry leaf becomes a silk gown."
   -  Chinese proverb

Hello!   Hello!   Hello!

Much has happened since I last wrote an editorial.   The mostly a'cappella CD "A Choir of One!",  along with some conductor's scores and parts will be released by the end of this year.

Sliding ahead of this,  sometime in October,  is another CD called "Gail Selkirk - Songbird of Swing!".   A few cold,  snowy Januarys ago,  I caught a nasty flu bug.   Feeling too feverish and restless to lie patiently in bed,  I sat at the piano and insanely wrote songs until I had enough for a CD.   I also typeset the lead sheets for these tunes which will be available for licensing.   The flu became down-time well spent.

"Gail Selkirk - Songbird of Swing!" features my original jazz songs with vocal solo/harmonies,  rhythm section and great instrumental guest soloists.   Jimmy Boudreau provided all the drum tracks.   Saxman Hal Goodman solos on two cuts and other soloists will be introduced as they are brought on board.   All lead and harmony vocals,  piano,  keyboards and bass are performed by yours truly.

In addition, Nick and I are in the process of starting a business called "Pinch of Harmony".   We will be offering an on-line service which will provide lead and harmony vocals for other artists' recording projects.   This exciting service will be available in the fall of 2005.

As you can imagine,  the production and launch of the CDs "A Choir of One!" and "Gail Selkirk - Songbird of Swing!",  plus the on-line vocal service "Pinch of Harmony" are keeping Nick and I off the streets and out of trouble.   These three projects will be hatched and ready by the end of 2005.   Yahoo!   This business of music continues to be quite a crazy journey.


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