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Gail Selkirk - Songbird of Swing!

My Husband Says I Do Some Of My Best Work At Night

... in the dark,  bewitching hours between the last train out of town and the first bird of the morning.   I ooh and ahh,  hum and murmur and often utter shrieks in the sweet seductive silence.   Our neighbours know what we do.   Of course,  I'm talking about RECORDING!   That time between midnight and 4 a.m. remains our single window of opportunity to work,  free from tension and noise.

At 12 a.m.,  Nick turns on recording gear while I switch off the furnace,  humidifier,  fridge and freezer.   After I duct-tape my music to a stand and slip on headphones,  we begin.

We record steadily and methodically throughout the night.   We finish our session as the first bird of the morning announces the new dawn.   We turn off gear,  turn on appliances and go to bed.

We sleep 4 hours,  then get up to mix what results the night has brought forth.   We go about our day until 8 p.m. until we fall asleep.   Around midnight,  we awake to start the recording routine once again.

Although it's tiring to continually split-shift our sleep,  the night surely creates an optimal atmosphere to get all this crazy work done.  


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