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Gail Selkirk - Songbird of Swing!

Learn and Do!

One of the positive side effects of recording and marketing indie CDs and building an active web site is the golden opportunity to learn and do!  At first,  because everything is so new and unknown,  the comfort zone whines "Oh, no!  I have to learn all about this stuff!".  In time,  the adventure zone stands up and cheers "Hey,  I get to learn all about this stuff!".  This change of perspective makes it possible to produce and sell CDs,  own a web site and be part of the Internet culture.  From my little part of this earth,  I can reach a world-wide population that has an infinite diversity of ideas,  opinions, talents and interests.  Some have similar aspirations to my own.

In my case,  honing my craft entailed going to school to study theory, composition,  harmony and arranging,  so I could organize ideas rattling errantly around in my brain into a tangible musical score that I and other musicians can read,  perform and enjoy.

Then there's the giant curve that accompanies learning all about audio and its gear.  Oooh!  Now that's a curve!  Thank goodness there are Internet news groups and supports to tap for information as we continue to dive into the deep, mystical and oftentimes mysterious sea of sound.

Another addition to our endeavor includes the building of our web site. There's always work to do on a web site.  Keeping the content current and alive requires a lot of maintenance that's both challenging and fun.

On the subject of challenges,  we must,  of course,  keep track of our business which is the recording,  manufacturing and sales of our CDs and everything else.  Yes,  I'm even studying bookkeeping/accounting.  Now,  this is definitely a serious departure from the way my brain usually functions.  However,  I know that in time I'll find T-accounts and double declining balance depreciation,  uh,  useful.

So,  in conclusion,  I've concluded that if we want to bring our talents to market for others to hear,  appreciate and enjoy,  we probably have to do it ourselves.  This means learning.  This means doing.  This also means both a literal and figurative renewal of life as our brain cells make new connections.  Ultimately,  of course,  the willingness to learn and do something new and different carries us to that higher,  more satisfying place of self-improvement.


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