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Blue Love lead sheet

Blue Love

Composer :  Gail Selkirk

Instrumentation and Musicians:

  • Vocals :  Gail Selkirk
  • Piano:  Gail Selkirk
  • Bass:  Gail Selkirk
  • Drums:  Jimmy Boudreau
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Lead/Lyric Sheet:

Background of the Song

Blue Love was written at Humber College as a theory exercise in 1980.  
The Gory Details:
The assignment involved writing a piece using the pentatonic scale.   Except for five notes,  Blue Love is completely pentatonic.   I experimented with the chord progression to make it less sing-songy,  yet still very melodic.   I also scored it as a big band arrangement.

My eight glamorous "Gailettes" and I should undoubtedly be performing Blue Love  at a swanky New York supper club in a classy black and white 1940's movie.   Wearing their satin dresses,  the "Gailettes" step forward to sing their a'cappella shout chorus.   I,  in all my glitter,  croon to a mesmerized,  star-struck audience.

Lots of dark retro sliding chromaticism lend a shadowy spookiness to the overall musical picture.

Take a listen to Blue Love by clicking on one of the links above.   Then download the PDF file that contains the lead/lyric sheet, and try it out!

Copyright ©  1980 all rights reserved