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Rock & Roll Jazz lead sheet

Rock & Roll Jazz

Composer :  Gail Selkirk

Instrumentation and Musicians:

  • Vocals :  Gail Selkirk
  • Piano:  Gail Selkirk
  • Hammond Organ:  Gail Selkirk
  • Bass:  Gail Selkirk
  • Guitars:  Fred Smith
  • Drums:  Jimmy Boudreau
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Lead/Lyric Sheet:

Background of the Song

You have a really big project on the go.   You work and work,  bogged down and boggled,  reeling from the sheer immensity of it but determined to get it down.   People complete their workday and scuttle home.   Passing by your window,  they peer in curiously and correctly conclude that you must be destined to toil away for eternity.
The Gory Details:
Rock'n Roll Jazz is a big energy song - noisy and exuberant.   It's a song about working hard then playing hard,  throwing work cares over your shoulder and kicking back for an evening.

The song required a sassy lead vocal,  brassy "Gaillettes" and rough and tumble playing.   The chorus of Rock'n Roll Jazz spent about two years collecting dust on the shelf because I couldn't seem to find a good verse format.   As a matter of fact,  I was going to scrap it.   I finally dusted it off in the dead of winter while recovering from the flu and wrote the verse in the relative minor - the obvious.   Hey,  it worked!   The lead sheet is long, but I built in the general arrangement.

I used Native Intruments' B4 for the Hammond Organ.   Many thanks to Fred Smith on Guitar and Jimmy Boudreau on drums.

Take a listen to Rock & Roll Jazz by clicking on one of the links above.   Then download the PDF file that contains the lead/lyric sheet, and try it out!

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