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picture of Some Melody Came to Visit and Stayed lead sheet

Some Melody Came to Visit and Stayed

Composer and Arranger :  Gail Selkirk

Instrumentation and Musicians:

  • Vocals :  Gail Selkirk
  • Bass :  Gail Selkirk
  • Piano :  Gail Selkirk
  • Drums :  Jimmy Boudreau
  • Electric Violin :  David Ragsdale
Initial Mix:   Some Melody Came to Visit and Stayed - MP3 Click here for Hi-Fi MP3 Stream

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As well as providing song previews in MP3 format as above, we are starting to try out a new format for song downloads - Ogg Vorbis, which is an alternative to the common MP3 format.   We have found that Ogg Vorbis audio files are of a higher quality than comparable MP3 files,  especially for low bit rates.   It is possible that your media player already supports Ogg format if you are using WinAmp in Windows or iTunes on a Mac.

Here's a link to the Ogg Vorbis web site if you are interested in finding out more about this new format.

Take a listen to Some Melody Came to Visit and Stayed by clicking on one of the links above.  Then download the PDF file that contains the lead/lyric sheet and try it out!  

Background of the Song

Some songs challenge the listener,  the composer and the performers.   How these challenges are creatively solved involves active participation - and enjoyment of all concerned.

Some Melody Came to Visit and Stayed is a pristine example of a problematic quartal melody written partially on the offbeat,  then straightened out on the onbeat.   Troubles continue as I repeat the melody,  using other quartal chords and harmonizing them with suspended fourths.

Singing the song required a concentrated strategy.   This involved my madly thumping the onbeat with my hand while singing on the offbeat.   While I considered this song somewhat of a musical nightmare to perform,  two great musicians breezed through it.   Jimmy Boudreau added excellent drum work and David Ragsdale played a stunning electric violin solo.

I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

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